Thursday, June 18, 2015

Episode 11: Convergence: Suicide Squad #2

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Well here is the newest episode of Episode 11: Convergence: Suicide Squad #2

Here is our third month of Special Coverages....  Two months ago, we talked about Convergence and The Suicide Squad tie in.  Last month we had our special Conway Corner Crossover episode....  NOW, the second part of the Convergence crossover!

Credits for this issue are:

Writer: Frank Tieri
Art: Tom Mandrake
Colors: Sian Mandraks
Lettering: Dave Sharpe
Cover by: John Paul Leon
Editor: Marie Javins
This issue cost: $3.99
Was on sale: May 13, 2015

Title: When Kingdom Falls Part 2

Convergence Suicide Squad 1

Convergence Suicide Squad 2
Issue summary:
The Suicide Squad battles the Kingdom Come Earthers for the sake of their worlds.
One team survives only to be betrayed TWICE.
One Squadmate makes the ultimate sacrifice to save their world.
And we find out the answer to Head's burning question... Why is Digger bald?

Join us to get all of the answers!

And in Suicide Notes:

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