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Episode 16: R.I.P Murphy Anderson pt 2- Showcase 34

Welcome back once again, Squadmates!

I bring to you... Episode 16: R.I.P Murphy Anderson pt 2- Showcase 34

We interrupt our regularly scheduled episode to bring you a special episode celebrating the life and work of Murphy Anderson.

Murphy Anderson passed away on Oct 22, 2015.

This episode we look at Showcase 34.

Showcase 34 - First appearance of The Atom

Comic Title: Showcase #34
Cover Date: Sep/Oct 1961
Approx. On Sale Date: July 27, 1961
Cover Price: $0.10
Editor: Julius Schwartz

First story:
Title: "Birth of the Atom"
Pages: 10

Writer: Gardner F. Fox
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inker: Murphy Anderson

Reprinted In:
80 Page Giant #8 (1965)
Secret Origins #2 (1973)
Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes SC (1976)
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #9 (1981)
More Secret Origins Replica Edition #1 (1999)
Atom Archives Vol. 1 HC (2001)
Showcase Presents:The Atom Vol. 1 TPB (2007)
DC Universe:Secret Origins HC (2012)
DC Universe:Secret Origins TPB (2013)

Using a white dwarf star fragment, physicist, Ray Palmer, has developed a lens which will shrink inanimate objects when ultra-violet light is sent through the lens. However, Ray has been unable to perfect the process because the shrunken objects always explode withing minutes.

Visiting an underground cavern on a nature hike with his girlfriend Jean Loring and a nature club, Ray becomes trapped inside with the group during a cave-in. Exploring the cave, Ray locates only one tiny opening. He uses the sunlight, beamed through the lens to shrink himself to tiny size. Then using the diamond from his ring, enlarges the opening until people can safely pass through.

Worried that he might explode, Ray hurrys back to the lens and enlarges himself back to normal. He is surprised that he did not explode and hypothesizes the cave water may have altered the properties of the lens. When he returns to his lab, objects still explode when shrunk, leaving Ray to conclude that his own body possesses a mysterious force, enabling him to survive the shrinking process.

Second story:
Title: "Battle of the Tiny Titans"
Pages: 15

Writer: Gardner F. Fox
Penciller: Gil Kane
Inker: Murphy Anderson

Reprinted In:
100-Page Super Spectacular DC-14 (1973)
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #9 (1981)
Atom Archives Vol. 1 HC (2001)
Showcase Presents:The Atom Vol. 1 TPB (2007)

A tiny genie appears in a bank and steals money before disappearing. Bank Teller, Alma Wilson, is accused of the crime, prompting her to ask her friend, Jean Loring, to be her attorney.

Jean’s boyfriend, Ray Palmer, who has just finished designing a costume which appears only when he shrinks to tiny size, as the Atom, encounters the genie in his lab. After a short scuffle, the genie explains he is an alien, Kulan Dar, who has become trapped on Earth. He is being controlled by a small time criminal because he needs the element Europium to return home.

After Kulan Dar disappears, Atom tracks down the crook, Carl Ballard. Ballard commands the alien to defend him, forcing the tiny titans to battle each other. Atom delays Kulan Dar long enough to gain possession of the dominator device Ballard used to gain control. Kulan then confesses his crime in court, which frees Alma, and leads to Ballard arrest.

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Finally, one of our own also died recently.

Squadmate and fellow podcaster, David Spoko passed away.

Our condolences goes out to his wife and kids;

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