Thursday, September 17, 2015

Episode 14: Suicide Squad 6 Hitting The Fan

Welcome back Squadmates!

Well here it is... Episode 14: Suicide Squad 6 Hitting The Fan

This episode we continue with the Suicide Squad in Russia storyline.

Suicide Squad 6... Deadshot has The Enchantress in his sights!

Cover Date: October 1987
On Sale Date: July 21, 1987
Cover Price: $0.75

Title: "Hitting the Fan"

Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Luke McDonnell
Inker: Robert Lewis
Letterer: Todd Klein
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Editor: Robert Greenberger

Cover Credits
Penciller: Luke McDonnell
Inker: Robert Lewis

Reprinted In:
Suicide Squad: Trial by Fire TPB (2011)

We continue with our storyline where our team attempts to escape Russia with their unwilling prisoner.

Also, we have a Character Profile of Enchantress!

Enchantress from The Suicide Squad!
Enchantress from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie!

And once again a little self pimping....
Not only can you find me on Task Force X and Head Speaks, but as I said last month, I am on the latest episode of Comic Book Fight Club podcast, where we pit The Suicide Squad against The A-Team.

Also I was on The Secret Origins Podcast episode 14 where me and Ryan discuss the Secret Origin of... The Suicide Squad.
Though, you should be listening to that show anyways (after mine of course) as Ryan is doing a great job covering this fantastic series!

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Other news for the Headcast family...

Next week, look for a special episode of Head Speaks, entitled Head Speaks Presents: Alexis Speaks.

Also, myself and previous guest Ryan Daly and Kyle Benning have teamed up and have started a new HEADCAST!  Well, technically I started it and Ryan and Kyle are my mostly normal guest hosts...   Anyways...  the new Headcast is entitled: G.I. Joe: A Real American Headcast.

We'll also be covering the Special Missions, Yearbooks, Order of Battle, etc.
It can be found on the website, iTunes, and Stitcher Radio!

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Be sure to return next month and listen as we talk about Suicide Squad issue 7 and the actual conclusion of this storyline! (unless I'm wrong again)

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  1. Dude, I TRIED to listen to your podcast, but your kid being heard in the background kept taking me out of it. I couldn't finish it. I get that you have a family and it's hard to juggle time to do a podcast, but if you can't do it without all the external interruptions, find a time when you can.

    1. Since you didn't leave your name, I don't know if you'll get this... But I will respond anyway.

      Sorry if Grayson distracted you from the show. Normally he's not as involved. I wanted to try including him (since he was sitting here),so I left his outbursts in there.

      Thank you for your input and I'll work on that in the future.

      If you do get this, I hope you give us another try and please leave your feed back, as I enjoy reading it and I look forward to any chance to improve the show.

  2. I did check back to see if you responded. i would have sent you an e-mail, but didn't see that option. I understand where you are coming from and I'm not going to try to speak for other listeners. Me personally, if I'm going to invest time in a podcast, I want the best quality out of it.

    Normally, I don't listen to solo podcasts. I find that one person is generally boring to listen to, while a second person allows the podcasters to bounce thoughts off each other and have a discussion on the topic. You're a solo podcaster. My understanding is that was not your original intention, but it's what you ended up with. I enjoy your solo cast for the most part. You do have a habit of tripping over what you're saying, which can be distracting. But for a solocast you are not boring me and you are enthusiastic about the subject. So you get points there.

    My advice to you: don't deliberately include distractions. Make your podcast as clean as you can. As I said, I'm not going to speak for others, but I tuned in to listen to you. Not your baby, not your dog, not your wife, not your neighbor trimming the yard. A lot of podcasters don't edit properly and it totally takes me out of listening to the podcaster and I move on. There are a lot of podcasts to listen to. And while it's a lot of work for the podcaster to produce their podcast, it's also an investment of the listener who is choosing your cast over another to spend their limited time on. Try to make it the best cast you can.

    1. I don't know who that masked man is, but thank you for your advice.
      Personally I listen to several podcasts (Mike Bailey's Views from the Long Box, Kevin Smith on several of his shows) that have outside influences (usually their dog) and to me it makes it more personal..,

      But having said that, I understand where you're coming from 100%.

      As far as the tripping over myself, I have noticed that... part of the problem is just the way I speak. The other part is that I try to do with as little note reading as I can, so I can sound more natural.

      And I wish to thank you for your compliments.

      Hopefully you'll tune in next episode and hopefully the show will be vastly improved.

      And please feel free to continue sending in your comments and suggestions (even if they sound harsh).

      I'm striving to make this the best podcast I can and your advice and input can help.

      Thank you again and hopefully we'll hear from you again soon.

      Also, I didn't notice until you pointed it out that there is no e-mail address on the blog... Thanks again for that... I'll have to correct that...

      You can continue to leave posts on here or you can e-mail me at

      Thank again Masked Stranger. 8)

  3. I'm sure some will take my comments as harsh, but I'm pretty blunt about criticism. Working in the art world, I find that sugar coating criticism dilutes it and the message is often lost.

    I've listened to both Kevin Smith and Mike Bailey. Smith is fun. A bit scatological for my tastes at times, but hey, what should I expect, it's Kevin Smith. I find his dog interrupting equally annoying. Bailey is a very serviceable podcaster. He's knowledgeable, but somewhat ranty. I enjoy his podcasts more when their is someone else to balance it out.

    If you want a good example of a well produced podcast in the comic book genre, listen to some Fire and Water episodes. Those guys have a natural talent, good editing and pacing. As the saying goes...if your going to steal, steal from the best.

    1. Thanks again for writing in Masked Ranger.
      I agree about the way you deliver your message. I appreciate the honesty. Please keep it coming.

      And yes, I listen to Fire and Water... LOVE that show (seeing how Firestorm is one of my two favorite heroes).

      F&W is one of the first podcasts I started listening to.

      Thanks again for your critique.

      Feel free to write in anytime. I need someone to tell me when I'm messing up.