Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Episode 15: Suicide Squad 7 - Thrown to the Wolves

Welcome back once again, Squadmates!

I bring to you... Episode 15: Suicide Squad 7 - Thrown to the Wolves

This month, we conclude our Suicide Squad in Russia storyline.

Suicide Squad 7

Title: "Thrown to the Wolves"
Cover Date: November 1987
On Sale Date: August 25, 1987
Cover Price: $0.75
Editor: Robert Greenberger

Pages: 22
Writer: John Ostrander
Penciller: Luke McDonnell
Inker: Robert Lewis
Letterer: Todd Klein
Colorist: Carl Gafford

Cover Credits
Artist: Jerry Bingham

Reprinted In:
Suicide Squad:Trial by Fire TPB (2011)

We conclude our storyline where our team attempts to escape Russia and have to battle The People's Heroes!

Also, we have a Character Profile of Black Orchid!

Black Orchid from Who's Who!
Black Orchid in Adventure Comics!
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