Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Episode 49: Bishop 2 & Granny VS The Wall!

Welcome back Squadmates.  Here is Episode 49: Bishop 2 & Granny VS The Wall!

After a 6 month hiatus, Task Force X returns with a new episode.  Sorry for the delay, but here we are.

This time we start out with Checkmate 22

Checkmate! 22

Checkmate #22

Cover Date: November 1989 
On Sale Date: September 26, 1989 
Cover Price: $1.50
Title: "One Wet and Wild Knight Part II"

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Penciller: Steve Erwin
Inker: Al Vey
Letterer: Johnnie Mac
Colorist: Julianna Ferriter
Editor: Jonathan Peterson

Cover Credits
Artist: Steve Erwin

Knight Conrad Mackay has been brought down by Bishop. A group of pawns come to his aid and save his life. Bishop flees after seeing Kalia Campbell. After the action, Campbell and Mackay regroup and set a trap for Eddie Diamond, who is threatening farmers for their water rights. When the trap is sprung, Bishop attacks again. Mackay goes against him again and loses. Shortly thereafter, the pawns discover Bishop's abandoned armor.

Then at 39 minutes and 30 seconds in, I once again have a Character Profile.  This time we look at Poison Ivy!

Finally at 1 hour and 5 minutes in, we look at Suicide Squad 34

Suicide Squad #34
Cover Date: 1989
On Sale Date: September 5, 1989
Cover Price: $1.00
Title: "Armagetto"

Writer: John Ostrander & Kim Yale
Penciller: John K. Snyder III
Inker: Geof Isherwood
Letterer: Todd Klein
Colorist: Carl Gafford
Cover Credits Artist: Karl Kesel
Editor: Dan Raspler

Reprinted In:
Suicide Squad: Apokolips Now TPB (2017)

Commercials played this episode:

DC OCD: Our Australian friend, Paul Hix, gets help with his obsession to DC crossovers... and we reap the benefits.

Knightcast: Ryan Daly and Chris Franklin re-read the Post-Crisis Batbooks!

Rod Pod Podcast - Where Jonathan and Maggie Schafer-Hames looks at the IDW Transformers books!

Second break:
Zero Hour Strikes: A great show looking at the Zero Hour crossover from DC Comics, by our friends to the Great White North!

Who's Who Podcast: Shag and Rob look at all of the DC Comics, Who's Who books.


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